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Postgraduate handbook

The Postgraduate handbook provides general information about postgraduate degrees.

Research expertise 

If you are looking for someone with a specific area of interest, you may prefer to search for that person or their area of interest on UWA's research expertise search engine.

More than 200 research students in our School provide a rich and challenging environment.

Study areas

The first step in deciding what to study is to investigate our research interests:


We offer the Master of Arts (MA) and Doctor of Philosophy(PhD).

For students who would like to undertake a research degree but don't have the qualifications for direct admission, you should consider a Higher Degree by Research Preliminary.

How to apply

  1. Once you have an idea of the study area you want to pursue, contact the postgraduate co-ordinator who will put you in touch with the postgraduate moderator for your discipline.
  2. The postgraduate moderator will help you organise a supervisor(s).
  3. Apply at the Graduate Research School. The Graduate Research School co-ordinates the University's world-class graduate research training activities and can help you choose a topic and make your application.