School of Humanities

Honours dissertation submission guidelines

Presentation of the Dissertation

Due to a change in submission guidelines in 2012, Honours dissertations must now be submitted as a single electronic file (in the PDF format) to the dissertation supervisor AND the School office ( via email by the last teaching day of the semester in which Honours students complete their final dissertation units. 

After assessment, the file may be made publicly available through the internet. It is therefore particularly important that students own the copyright to, or have permission to use, all material in their dissertations.

This file will constitute the School's record of the Honours dissertation and will be permanently stored. In addition, some Disciplines (supervisors will have this information) also require two bound paper copies of the dissertation, which should be submitted to the supervisor at the same time as the electronic file. These paper copies will normally not be returned to the student.

The dissertation should be presented in the following format:

  1. Typing should be double or one-and-a-half-spaced, except for quotations and footnotes (use these, not endnotes), which can be single-spaced.

  2. Quotations of three lines or more must be indented in single spacing.

  3. All pages must be set up for A4 paper and numbered consecutively with the following minimum margins:
    • left and right: 30mm
    • top and bottom: 20 mm

  4. The title-pages should include the following information:
    • student's name
    • the dissertation title
    • the year submitted
    • supervisor's name
    • the information: "Dissertation submitted to [name of Discipline Group] in the School of Humanities at the University of Western Australia in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Arts with Honours"
    • the declaration: "I declare that this thesis is my own account of my research, written in the full knowledge of what constitutes plagiarism and documented accordingly, and contains as its main content work which has not previously been submitted for a degree at any university. I consent [or "do not consent"] to the publication of this document on the internet via a UWA site."


Requests for extensions must be submitted in writing and are handled by the Academic Student Advisor of the Faculty of Arts.


Dissertations are marked independently by two examiners, each of whom provides a percentage mark and writes a brief report on the work. Supervisors are not permitted to be examiners of their own students' work. To ensure the competitive standard of the Honours degree, Disciplines are encouraged to have one of the examiners external to UWA where practicable.