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Classics is the study of Latin (the language of the ancient Romans) and Ancient Greek, as well as the literatures written in them. Ancient History is the study of the literature, history, art and archaeology of the ancient Greek and Roman civilisations, and their contributions to the modern world.

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UWA is the only university in Western Australia that offers a Classics and Ancient History major. This exciting new major combines the study of languages with the history and archaeology of the classical world to provide a holistic view of this intriguing era.

A course which includes units in Classics or Ancient History is a very acceptable tertiary qualification for entry into many professions such as:

  • secondary and tertiary teaching
  • the diplomatic service
  • librarianship
  • administrative careers in the public service and industry.


We focus our study and research on Latin and ancient Greek and Roman civilisations and the contributions they have made to the modern world, with particular attention paid to literature, history and archaeology.

Our staff are experts in their fields of research, and we are at the forefront of the application of computers to translating ancient texts, the use of aerial photography for archaeology and the study of currency.

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