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Next work-in-progress Seminar

Rosalind Blood and Dr Kati Tonkin    

“Fostering intercultural learning during short-term study abroad: Reflective learning through Facebook and photo elicitation by Australian exchange students”

Tuesday 12 September

1.00-1.45 pm

Arts Building, room 2.43





Further information

Our discipline is committed to teaching and research in the languages and societies of Europe. Fields of study cover both contemporary and historical perspectives while languages we teach include French, German and Italian.

Courses and careers

We offer courses in European Studies, which looks at Europe as a whole, and majors in French Studies, German Studies, Italian Studies and Spanish Studies.

Further information about the structure and units for European Studies,  French, German and Italian can be found in the UWA Handbook. For more information on Spanish Studies download the brochure.


European Languages and Studies involves the research and study of:

  • Europe in general, including the political, social and cultural aspects of contemporary Europe.
  • The French, German, and Italian languages and cultures.


Postgraduate study is a vital part of the life of our Discipline Group. Supervision is available in a number of different fields. Regular weekly seminars showcase the research staff and postgraduate students.