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Gender Studies examines the history of ideas of gender across time, place, and media. Because we understand gender to be fundamental to our identity, studying it enlarges our sense of ourselves and the world we live in.

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Gender Studies can be taken as a major or as broadening units.

Because all organisations now have equity and diversity policies, gender studies is a valuable addition to any degree. Its skills in critical thinking around gender and sexuality can be applied broadly in communications, education, public service, research occupations and professional practice, and also to specialist gender-related fields such as equity and diversity, policy development, social justice and women’s services.


Academics are engaged in a range of scholarly research activities around the history and politics of gender relations, including: sexualities, cinema, maternity, witchcraft, masculinities, activism, intersections of race, class and gender, feminist theory and the body.


Postgraduates are active in our area, organising a Culture, Gender and Media Studies seminar programme throughout the year that showcases their work and that of visiting scholars or academics.

Resources for current Arts postgraduate students can be found here.

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