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Theresa Symons Scholarship in Philosophy
Philosophy involves thinking about some of the big questions we ask during our lifetime: Does God exist? Do the sciences tell us the truth about the world? How can we say what we mean? Are other people’s experiences like our own? What does it mean to be conscious? What are emotions and how are they relevant to our lives?

Courses and careers

We offer a Philosophy major for undergraduates and postgraduate studies by research in Philosophy.

Philosophy deals with some of the most difficult and abstract questions that engage reflective people. Studying philosophy develops advanced reasoning and communication skills, depth and breadth of view and the ability to think creatively but objectively.

These skills are in strong demand beyond university and so your philosophy degree can be of great benefit in fields such as:

  • journalism and media
  • government and public administration
  • computing
  • law
  • education
  • research.

Find out more about Philosophy and the benefits of studying it, and units available in 2016.



Our academic staff have research expertise in the philosophy of mind, metaphysics, ethics and political philosophy, Eastern philosophy and the philosophy of religion.


Philosophy in Australia and around the world

Prizes and Scholarships in Philosophy


John R. Saunders Prize for Level 1 Philosophy
The student with the highest aggregate mark in any two Level 1 units in philosophy taken in the same calendar year

Sir Karl Popper Prize in Philosophy
The student with the highest mark in any Level 2 or 3 philosophy unit in the philosophy of science, or social, political and moral philosophy

S. A. Grave Prize in Philosophy
The student who, having in the year of award completed the requirements for the pass degree with a Philosophy major, has shown the most outstanding ability in Level 3 philosophy unit

Julius Kovesi Memorial Prize
The student who, of those completing the requirements for either the degree of Bachelor of Arts with honours in philosophy or the Diploma in Arts with honours in philosophy, has the highest mark for honours in philosophy


The Woomara Leadership Scholarship (for prospective honours students)

This brand new merit-based scholarship of $5000 will be awarded to a promising student commencing an honours degree in philosophy. As conditions are still being finalised, the scholarship has yet to be advertised on the scholarships website. However, once activated, it can be retrospectively awarded, so keep an eye on the scholarships webpage – it should be advertised in January. The webpage is

The Theresa Symons Scholarship in Philosophy (for MA and PhD students)

All students applying for postgraduate places in Philosophy at UWA are eligible to apply for a Theresa Symons Postgraduate Scholarship. These are supplementary scholarships to be held in conjunction with an Australian Postgraduate Award, a University Postgraduate Award or equivalent postgraduate research award or another full scholarship approved by the Faculty of Arts. Theresa Symons Postgraduate Scholarships are available each year, supplying around $15,000 per year in addition to the amount provided by the Australian or UWA postgraduate awards. For further details, please see here.

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