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Mind and Consciousness Conference 2012


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Conference Convenor

Miri Albahari

Conference Committee

Nic Damnjanovic, Michael Rubin and Nin Kirkham


February 15-17, 2012

Funded by the Theresa Symons Bequest

Hosted by the UWA Philosophy Discipline Group


The nature and role of mind and consciousness remains deeply puzzling. From February 15-17, this mini-conference will bring together leading international and upcoming philosophers who have distinguished themselves in the field of mind and consciousness. Among the participants is Professor David Chalmers, who has done much to set the scene in modern study of consciousness. Papers range in topic from the nature of spatial experience, to how minds relate to the physical world, to the role of phenomenal (experiential) consciousness in thought and mental content, to how consciousness figures in the vegetative state.

Registration is FREE to all those interested in the nature of mind and consciousness – faculty, research and teaching fellows, alumni, independent scholars, post-docs and graduate or undergraduate students (you must fill out and email the registration form). Although some talks may be pitched at an advanced level, it is hoped that everyone will come away thinking about mind and consciousness in a new, even if more puzzling, light.

Attendance of the opening talk on the evening of Day 1 may be limited by room size, so early registration is recommended. The conference will be structured into a single stream of 12 speakers, beginning on the evening of Wednesday Feb 15th and running all day on Thursday 16th and Friday 17th Feb. Further information about the conference, including exact venues and abstracts, will be posted here as it comes to light.

Conference Program

* (L) = longer 90 minute session
* (S) = shorter 60 minute session

The venue for the conference is now located in the WEBB LECTURE THEATRE (G.21) in the Geography Building.

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DAY 1 (Wednesday 15 Feb)

6.30pm - 7.30pm:
Reception at University Club

7.30pm - 9:00pm (L):
David Chalmers (ANU/NYU) "Three Puzzles about Spatial Experience" at University Club

DAY 2 (Thursday 16 Feb)

9.00am - 10.30am (L):
Philip Goff (U- Liverpool/ANU) "There is No Even Vaguely Plausible Physicalist Theory of Phenomenal Concepts"

10.30am - 10.50am:

10.50am - 12.20pm (L):
Rob Rupert (U- Colorado, Boulder/ANU) "Embodiment and Consciousness."

12.20pm - 1.30pm:

1.30pm - 3.00pm (L):
Jonathan Simon (NYU/ANU) "Conceptual Gaps and A Priori Protophenomenalism"

3.00pm - 3.20pm:

3.20pm - 4.20pm (S):
Miri Albahari (UWA) "Can Aliefs Replace Beliefs?"

4.20pm - 5.20pm (S):
Wylie Breckenridge (Charles Sturt University) "Phenomenal Sorites"

DAY 3 (Friday 17 Feb)

9.00am -10.30am (L):
Adam Pautz (U- Texas at Austin/ANU) "Could Consciousness Reduce to a Brain Process? A New Argument Against Type-Type Identity Theory"

10.30am - 10.50am:

10.50am - 11.50am (S):
Angela Mendelovici (U- Western Ontario/ANU) "The Role of Phenomenal Consciousness in Thought"

11.50am - 12.50pm (S):
Raamy Majeed (U- Sydney) "Can Representationalists Save Qualia without Positing Ontological Extras?"

12.50pm - 2.00pm:

2.00pm - 3.30pm (L):
Kelly Trogdon (Lingnan University) "Grounding Content"

3.30pm - 3.50pm:

3.50pm - 4.50pm (S):
Barry Maund (UWA) "Visual Experiences and Intentional Content"

4.50pm - 5.50pm (S):
Zoe Drayson (ANU) "Consciousness in the Vegetative State"


DAY 4 (Saturday 18 Feb)