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In Humanities, we research and analyse many aspects of human experience through history, classical languages and philosophy.

Research areas

Classics and Ancient History
encompasses Latin and ancient Greek and Roman civilisations and the contributions they have made to the modern world.
English and Cultural Studies
works across a number of genres, historical periods and thematic areas, including medieval and renaissance studies, romantic and Victorian literature, modernism, Australian literature, postcolonial studies and many others.
European Languages and Studies
examines the political, social and cultural aspects of contemporary Europe with a particular focus on French, German, and Italian languages.
Gender studies
examines the history of ideas of gender across time, place, and media.
covers medieval and modern aspects of Australian, European, Asian, African and United States societies.
Medieval and Early Modern Studies
covers pre-modern Europe and its modern afterlife.
investigates the fundamental nature of reality, knowledge and values.

Research centres and groups