School of Humanities

Aerial Photography Archive

We have provided a guide to referencing us in articles, journals, books and other publications.

Using the archive

Our policy is that we make no charge for use of our photos in academic articles or in books intended for an academic audience.

If photos are for commercial undertakings such as magazines, newspapers or books aimed at a popular audience, there is a charge and we would normally expect any resulting fee to be paid to the archive.

You can use any photographs that we send you for academic publications, but let us know whenever one is published. Wherever possible, we would appreciate a copy of the publication for the archive records.

Contact us if you want to use photographs for a commercial purpose.


When publishing any photograph, for commercial or academic purposes, include a full reference in your bibliography:

  • Aerial Photographic Archive of Archaeology in the Middle East (APAAME), archive accessible from:
  • Photographs should include the full file name underneath it in text, for example: APAAME_19980508_DLK-0002.tif

The individuals who took the photographs in the Archive have assigned copyright over to APAAME. Their initials form part of the file name and wherever possible a credit to the photographer by name should be published with the photograph(s).

The photographers names will be provided with your photographs.