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Remote Sensing for Archaeology in the Middle East project

Funded in the early and mid-1990s by the Australian Research Council, the Remote Sensing (RSAME) project was the initial research project before flying began in 1997.

Hunting aerial survey of Jordan

The core of the RSAME project was the examination of about 4000 frames of the Hunting Aerial Survey of Jordan taken in 1953. These were supplied as diapositive copies through the courtesy of the Royal Jordanian Geographic Centre in Amman. They covered the entire western half of Jordan at a scale of about 1:25,000.

The RSAME was a long-term research project designed to investigate a methodology and to illuminate settlement history in the Near East. Some 25,000 sites were identified on the photographs and the details transcribed on transparent overlays at 1:25,000.

The third phase, archaeological interpretation, is in progress but now supplemented and illuminated by new imagery. The material has been employed in several publications and in major interpretative essays.