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The Cassamarca Chair in Latin Humanism was established in 2003 to raise awareness of Latin writing, especially since the Renaissance, and of the values that lie at the heart of modern European culture.

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Professor Yasmin Haskell was appointed in 2003. Her research explores the intersections between poetry and religion, science, medicine, and art.

She is a chief investigator in the Centre for Excellence in the History of Emotion which was established in 2009 with funding from the Australian Research Council.

Research projects

Current projects

Uses of Latin in the European Enlightenment
Eighteenth-century Dutch physician and Latin poet, Gerard Nicolaas Heerkens

Previous projects

Psychosomatic Illness in Early Modern Italy: Lessons for Modern Psychiatric Theory and Practice

Collaborated with Professor Sergio Starkstein. Psychiatry, UWA, and two neo-Latin scholars in Rome, Dr Maurizio Campanelli and Dr Agata Pincelli to produce a collection of essays, Diseases of the Imagination and Imaginary Disease in the Early Modern Period, Torhout, Brepols, 2011

This multidisciplinary project explored 'hypochondria' in early modern Italy, and the ways both concept and 'condition' spread. 'hypochondria' was thought to be a serious disease, causing severe physical problems (gastric, cardiac and respiratory) and mental illness from depression to psychosis. Drawing on untapped early sources in Latin and Italian, the project tracked theoretical models of hypochondria against case histories (by doctors) and personal histories (by sufferers). It studied the links between the circulation of information about hypochondria and the view that it was epidemic in parts of Italy.

Funded by the Australian Research Council.

Poetry and science

Wrote monograph on Latin scientific and cultural poetry by Jesuits, Loyola’s Bees, Oxford University Press, 2003  

Co-edited with Christopher Allen and Frances Muecke, a translation and commentary of the influential seventeenth-century Latin poem on painting by Charles-Alphonse Dufresnoy, De Arte Graphica (Paris, 1668), Geneva: Droz, 2005.


Professor Haskell has organised several conferences and postgraduate events:

  • Latinity and alterity in the early modern period, Cassamarca conference, UWA, Perth 2004
  • Humanism and medicine in the early modern era, Perth, 2006, sponsored by the Cassamarca Foundation
  • Australian Research Council’s Network for Early European Research (NEER) and the Institute of Advanced Studies, Perth 2006 
  • Latin identities: Representations of self and community from antiquity to the eighteenth century, Sydney, 2009 
  • postgraduate advanced training seminar on Latin for medievalists and early modernists, Sydney 2009, funded by NEER. 

Radio interviews