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Between 1988 and 2008, Winthrop Professor David Kennedy campaigned to bring to the world's attention the significance of the Classical city of Zeugma in Turkey and the threat posed to it by a dam.

In 1993, David Kennedy, the Professor of Roman History and Archaeology excavated a Roman villa with a mosaic floor and he returned to Zeugma in 2000 for another season of excavation before the waters drowned the remains of the ancient city.

He published his findings in The Twin Towns of Zeugma on the Euphrates: Rescue Work and Historical Studies (Portsmouth, RI, 1998) and in a popular magazine article 'Drowned cities of the Upper Euphrates', Aramco World, September / October 1998. 

Web record

Professor Kennedy has recorded his journey in a series of web pages from the mid-1990's until 2008: