School of Humanities

Past Seminars

Semester 1, 2015

Tuesdays, 1:00pm-1:45pm, ASR 2.43. All welcome.

21 April

Annie Demosthenous (University of Oxford and Honorary Research Associate, UWA)
"Cavafy in Scots: translation and cultural appropriation in minority literatures"

28 April

Anna Gadd (Italian Studies)
"Minimising same error repetition and maximising progress in second language acquisition: an integrated approach"

5 May

Hélène Jaccomard (French Studies)
"The 'Business' of Violence in Yasmina Reza's ‘God of Carnage'"

12 May

Audrey-Calefas Strebelle (Mills College, USA, and Honorary Research Fellow, UWA)

"The image of the Turk in Early Modern French literature"

19 May

Chris Bond (European Studies)
"Ungraspable Reality in Pat Barker's Historiographic 'Regeneration' Trilogy"

26 May

Kati Tonkin and Sanna Peden (European Studies)
"Catch of the Day, or How you too can learn to love Carpe Diem: Transforming EURO1101"


Semester 2, 2014

Tuesdays, 1:00pm-1:45pm, ASR 2.43. All welcome.

29 July

Federica Verdina
"The correspondence in Italian of Rosendo Salvado, the Spanish founder of New Norcia, WA. A corpus-based linguistic analysis on Italian as lingua franca in the 19th century"

7 October

Sophie Patrick
"Attention economy in the novels of Michel Houellebecq"

14 October

Bénédicte André
"Claiming the island: Islandness as a literary concept"

27 October

Rosie Blood

"The effectiveness of an “internationalised” education: Exploring issues of language acquisition and the development of intercultural competence in German and Australian exchange students’

18 November

Francesco De Toni
"The expression of friendship in the letters of Rosendo Salvado and his epistolary networks"

Semester 1, 2014

25 March

John Kinder
“Letters and other gifts: a 19th century consignment of Aboriginal material culture objects from Western Australia to Italy”

1 April

Jordan Lavers
“Gender, emotion and kinship in the letters of Karoline von Günderrode”
PhD Research Proposal

8 April

Sophie Patrick
“Utopian solutions or dystopian warnings? Declinism and "topia" in three novels of Michel Houellebecq”

15 April

Elizabeth Gralton
“The spectre of debacle at the Expositions universelles”

29 April

Chris Bond
"Homosexuality and war gnosis in Pat Barker's Regeneration Trilogy"

Semester 2, 2013

Tuesday 24 September

Rebekah Sturniolo-Baker
Native and non-native speaking teachers of Italian: an exploration of differences in students' and teachers' perceptions

8 October

Marco Ceccarelli
Catholic Thought as Soft-Counterterrorism: La Civiltà Cattolica on non-Violent Solutions to Islamic Terrorism

22 October

Bonnie Thomas and Kati Tonkin
'Online Assessment and the Active Learner: A Technology-Based Response to the Challenges of Large Beginners Units in French and German'

5 November

Kati Tonkin
'Teaching Exchange' (report on Teaching Fellowship)

12 November

Chellyce Birch
Cry God for Harry, England and St George: Shakespeare and the Construction of English Identity in Harry Potter

19 November

Ash Collins
The (A)theology of Distance and Proximity in Marion and Nancy

Semester 1, 2013

30 April
Iris Ludewig-Rohwer and Alexandra Ludewig
Web-based role-plays as high-quality learning environments for language students? Theory versus Practice

7 May
Bénédicte André
An eloquent silence: reading islandness in Claudine Jacques' short stories

21 May
Paul Gibbard
Framing slander: Voltaire's use of pseudonyms in his attacks on Rousseau

14 May
Quitterie Graciet
Biculturalism and Affect : A Qualitative Study on Franco-Australian Individuals (PhD Research Proposal)

28 May
Ashok Collins
The enunciation of the subject: sharing Jean-Luc Nancy's singular plural in the classroom

4 June
Dale Adams
The Story of Chance: German Literature and Probability Theory in the 19th and 20th Centuries

11 June
Hélène Jaccomard
Crossing genres: novelistic techniques in Yasmina Reza's plays
Work in Progress

18 June
Marinella Caruso and Josh Brown
New Courses 2012: the impact of enrolments in Italian at UWA

25 June
Sophie Patrick
PhD proposal

Semester 2, 2012

24 July

Chris Bond

"Severed Connectivity: The Elusiveness of the Soldier's Return in War Fiction of the Twentieth Century"

7 August

Bonnie Thomas

"The Cook and the Writer: Maryse Condé's Journey of Self-Discovery"

14 August

Hélène Jaccomard

"Exclusion or Self-exclusion: Muslims in/of France"

28 August

Rebekah Sturniolo-Baker

Who is a native speaker and what does it matter?

4 September

Barbara Pauk Filgueira

Word and Pictures: the Case of Paul and Virgina


11 September

Honours information Session

18 September

Bénédicte André

Heterotopia and Islandness in Contemporary Reunionese Literature

2 October

Kati Tonkin

Supporting Students' Intercultural Learning on Exchange: A Three-Stage Intervention Model

16 October

John Kinder

Diglossia in the longue durée: language in policy in Italy over two millennia

23 October

Alexandra Ludewig

Internment on Rottnest Island during World War One

30 October

The Ambivalence of the Assimilated Jew in Stefan Zweig's Buchmendel

Semester 1, 2011

10 May

Marco Ceccarelli
"From a Clash of Civilisations to a Dialogue between Civilisations: Catholic Thought and Islamic Terrorism"

17 May

Ben Weston
“Treating the Sick in Early Modern Europe: Patients, Health Givers and Treatments”

24 May

Rocco Loiacono
"Sense and reference in the translation of proper names in legal documents"

7 June

Sanna Peden
“The Auteurial-national Nexus in Aki Kaurismäki's Finlandia Trilogy”

14 June

Alessia Dipalma
"Identità a tavola: preliminary analysis of conversations among 'new' Italian migrants in Australia"
Abstract of paper

21 June

Josh Brown
"Language variation in 15th century Milan: evidence of the Lombard koinè in the letters (1397-1402) of the Milanese merchant Giovanni da Pessano"
Abstract of paper

28 June

Kati Tonkin
"Shifting Borders, Framing Identities: "České Velenice Evropské" and the Discourse on European Union Enlargement"
Abstract of paper