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This is a selection of dissertations currently being undertaken or completed.

  1. Current postgraduates
  2. Past students

Current postgraduates

  • Murray Arnold, Survival: A history of Aboriginal and European interaction at the Albany region from first contact to the centenary of British settlement (PhD, Fox/Gregory).
  • Simon Ayling, Cyberpunk: The Postmodern Future or the Future of Postmodernism? An exploration of postmodernist philosophical themes raised in cyberpunk science fiction, and in critiques thereof (PhD Stuart/Bourgault).
  • Cedric Beidatsch, 'First Globalisation': The Origins of Capitalism Reconsidered (PhD, Stuart/Edele).
  • Jack Bender, From Imperial Garrison to Local Defence Force: The Derivation, Raison D'être and politics of Voluntary Militia Units in Western Australia,1829 – 1903, PhD, Fox.
  • Bruce Bott, Chalk and Cheese: Indentured Labour and its Representation in Two 19th Century British Settler Societies, Western Australia and Natal (PhD, Fox/Martens).
  • Antonia Brok, War, neutrality and welfare: a comparative study of the impact of the First World War on social policy formulation in Germany and the Netherlands, 1914 – 1924.(PhD, Edele).
  • Fausto Butta, Theories of anarchy and anarchist practices in Milan: history of the Milanese anarchist movement (1870-1926) (PhD, Finaldi/Stuart).
  • Ildy Button, The double paradox: nature and gender in the works of four twelfth-century Latin writers (Ph.D., Broomhall/Maddern).
  • Susie Byers, 'Roots, Deep in the Soil': Landscape Imagery and Ideology of the English Radical Right, 1901 &ndash1945 (PhD, Stuart/Brash).
  • Sally Carlton, 'Lest we forget': How the French armed forces and "anciens combattants" believe their participation in Bastille Day and Armistice Day commemorations has affected French collective memory and national identity (1919-2006) (PhD, Stuart/Jaccomard/Edele).
  • June Caunt, 'New Chums' or 'Pommy Bastards': A study of the expectations and reality of migration and the views of the residents of Western Australia in the 1960s towards British Migrants (PhD, Gregory/Fox).
  • Marco Ceccarelli, A clash of civilisations?  – Catholic public discourse and Islamic terrorism, (PhD, Stuart/Tonkin).
  • Philip Chilton, Old wine in new bottles – How James Connolly has been appropriated in revolutionary Irish republican discourse, 1966-2007. (PhD, Stuart/Finaldi).
  • Michael Crouch, A comparative study of upper-middle-class women's educational outcomes at London's Bedford College and Royal Holloway, between 1890 and 1900 (PhD, Gregory/Finaldi Martens).
  • James Curry, Learning from the enemy: the German origins of modern US military doctrine (MA, Edele/Stuart).
  • Dean Davidson, Transport planning in the Perth metropolitan region since 1930: moving in the right direction or the highway to hell? (PhD, Gaynor/McManus).
  • Loretta Dolan, Nurture and neglect: childhood and child-rearing practices amongst the lower social orders in the dioceses of Chester and Durham 1450 - 1603. (PhD, Maddern/Tarbin).
  • Margaret Dorey, 'Poison in the pot': English concerns about food purity and regulation c. 1500 &ndash c. 1800 (PhD, Tarbin/Maddern/Sharpe).
  • Lisa Elliott, Taking the poor out of poor relief: the Hotel-Dieu of Paris in the sixteenth century'(Ph.D., Broomhall/Maddern).
  • Andrew Endrey, New Student- TBA. (Ph.D., Ungar/Gaynor).
  • Joanna Fedson, Redeeming Fiction: American Evangelical Fiction, Gender, and Culture (Ph.D., Blue/Griffiths).
  • Siobhan Finn, Classical Music, Politics and National Identity within a Divided Germany (1945-1989): Recollections of life as a musician from both sides of the Iron Curtin (Ph.D., Edele/Ludewig).
  • Ben Fuller, New Student- TBA. (Ph.D., Maddern/Broomhall).
  • Blaire Gersbach, New Student – TBA. (Ph.D., Gaynor/Fox).
  • Iva Glisic, The Political History of the Futurist Movement in Russia from 1909 to 1930. (PhD, Edele/Stuart).
  • Elizabeth Gralton, Deflating The Expo: Decadence, mal-du-siecle and the Paris Expositions universelles, 1855-1900 (PhD, Stuart/Jaccomard).
  • Carol Hoggart, Depictions Of Vikings In Modern Fiction And Historiography (PhD, Lynch/Maddern).
  • Jennifer Hole, Economic Ethics In Late-Medieval England (PhD, Maddern/Tarbin).
  • David Hough, He Profits Most Who Serves Best: The Success Factors in the Evolution of Boans Ltd Department Store, 1895-1986 (PhD, Fox).
  • Erin Jackson Vis, Painting women: exploring identity in the visual egodocuments of artistic women in the Dutch Golden Age (1650 -1750) (PhD, Broomhall/Van Gent).
  • Philip Keirle, Behavioural citizenship: a historical analysis of the youth-as-citizen in the United States, 1880-1915 (PhD, Blue/Broomhall).
  • Sue Kenworthy, Dreaming a new Australia: a study of the lives of Betsy Buchanan and Sandra Eades and their impact on Aboriginal health, housing and welfare in Western Australia from 1976 to 2008 (PhD, Martens/Fox).
  • Reinhard Kuehnel, The Development of Non-National Histories in Australian Secondary School History Texts from the 1970s to the Present (PhD, Bosworth/Finaldi).
  • Grant Lee, Labour and Capital in Northern Western Australia, 1861 – 1869 (PhD, Fox).
  • Roger Logan, The Migrant Experience In Albany, 1950-1970 (PhD, Fox/Gregory).
  • Isla MacPhail, A Cautious and Constrained Liberalism: a study of the Western Australian Electoral System, 1829 – 1901 (MA, Gregory/Fox).
  • Alicia Marchant, Reading the Subtexts: Chroniclers, National Identity and the Changing Environment of Owain Glyndwr's Persona 1400 – c.1550 (PhD, Maddern/Broomhall).
  • Rebecca Martin, 'Unnatural' Sexual Acts in Restoration England, 1660-1685 (PhD, Broomhall/Van Gent/Stuart).
  • Dolores Maund, American Old Left versus the Cultural Left (PhD Stuart/Blue).
  • Shane McLeod, Conquest and Settlement: The impact of the micel here on England north of the Thames, c.865-900 (PhD, Maddern/Sanmark/Lynch).
  • Eva-Marie Middleton, Working On Understandings And Performances Of Early Modern Choral Music In England, 1900 – 1950, (Bannan/Maddern).
  • Ann Minister, Family Strategies and Relationships: the labouring poor of Derby and south Derbyshire c.1750 – 1834 (PhD, Tarbin/Broomhall).
  • Rebekah Moore, Towards an Ethical Turn in Historiography: Debating Morality in Histories of the Holocaust and Stalinism (PhD, Stuart/Edele).
  • Ruth Morgan, Constructions of, and responses to, rainfall decline in the south-west drainage division of Western Australia, 1950 – 2007 (PhD, Gaynor).
  • Chris Owen, 'Weather Hot, Flies ...': Police in the Kimberley District 1883 – 1905 (PhD, Fox/Gaynor).
  • Megan Packer, Cool Logic, Hot Air? Nature/Culture Conundrums within Australian and Canadian Responses to Climate-Change (1988 – 2007) (PhD, Gaynor/Stuart).
  • Alice Pullin, A Lord of Story: Myth, History and the Re-enchantment of the World in the Work of Neil Gaiman (PhD. Stuart/Bourgault Du Coudray).
  • David Ritter, Australian Intellectual Understandings of the Second World War (PhD, Bosworth/Edele).
  • Anna Rossouw, Australian Foreign Policy towards South Africa, 1948 – 1994 (PhD, Martens/Fox).
  • Kerriann Shipster, The development of a White Rhodesian collective consciousness and national identity between 1890 and 1980 with particular emphasis on the impact of the 1965 Unilateral Declaration of Independence (PhD, Martens).
  • Lesley Silvester, A longitudinal study of poor families in early modern Norwich c.1560 – 1700 (PhD, Tarbin/Broomhall).
  • James Smith, Water Symbolism, Epistemology And The 12th C Imagination. (PhD. Maddern/Lynch).
  • Cindy Solonec, Adapting to a New World: an interracial marriage in the West Kimberley 1944 – 1994 (PhD, Fox).
  • Scilla Stack, The Education of Vision? Reading Mary Ward's mission in Catholicism in her own lifetime and in the twenty-first century (PhD, Broomhall/Van Gent).
  • Andrew Thackrah, 'The World is ruled by Little Else': Think-tanks and the rise of Australian neo-Liberalism (Ph.D., Stuart).
  • William Walker, A Comparative study of mineral railway development in Western Australia and Queensland between 1960 and 1990 (Ph.D., Barker/Davies/Stuart).
  • Aileen Walsh, Naming Aboriginal People: How Do Names Represent History? An historical and socio-linguistic analysis of the Names of Aboriginal People in Western Australian History 1826 – 1900 (PhD, Fox/Gregory).

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Past students

  • Karl Birkelbach, The Plague Debate: A Turning Point in Historiography? (PhD, Broomhall/Maddern).
  • Caroline Finander, Imaginary Histories and the Historical Imagination: A Historiography of Contemporary Fantasy Fiction (PhD, Stuart/Maddern).
  • Sarah Finn, 'Father of the Italian nation': Dante Alighieri and the construction of Italian national identity 1861 – 1945 (PhD, Bosworth/Finaldi/Polizzotto). 
  • Marcia Foley, History of social work in Western Australia: Mental health (PhD, Fox/Harries). 
  • Sue Hart, Remarriage in Colonial Australia (PhD, Crawford/Gregory).
  • Kerry King, A lesser species of homicide – Manslaughter, negligent and dangerous driving causing death: the prosecution of drivers in Western Australia, 1946-2011 (PhD, Layman).
  • Cindy Lane, The Space is Grand: Travellers' Imaginings of Southern Western Australia 1850 to 1914 (PhD, Gregory). 
  • Lisa MacKinney, 'Dressed in Black': The Shangri-Las and America (PhD, Fox/Blue). 
  • Leith Passmore, Beherrsche den Horizont: Peforming Violence. A Case Study of Ulrike Meinhof (PhD, Ludewig/Edele).
  • Sandra Potter, White-collar Convicts: From their Arrest in Britain to their Arrival in the Swan River Colony between 1848 and 1868 (MA, Gregory/Fox). 
  • Bob Weston, Medical Consulting by Letter in France 1700 - 1800 (PhD, Broomhall/Maddern).
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