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Dissertation topics

This is a selection of dissertations currently being undertaken or completed.

  1. Current postgraduates
  2. Past students

Current postgraduates

Completed topics

  • Craig Edwards [PhD 2013: The ethics of involuntary psychiatric treatment: A study into the social and moral structures through which we construct illness and the justifications for involuntary intervention]
  • Ryan Cox [PhD 2011: The authority of practical knowledge]
  • Andy Lamey [PhD 2011: The ethical creature: animals and equal consideration]
  • David Trembath [2011: The role that technology might play in resolving issues within the philosophy of science]
  • Laura D'Olimpio [PhD 2009: The moral possibilities of mass art]
  • Ian Baker [PhD 2008: What money can't buy: the status of financial evaluation]
  • Nin (Georgiana) Kirkham [PhD 2008: Creating art or vexing nature? – ethics and the manipulation of nature]
  • Phillip Pickering [MA 2007: Personal identity and concern for future selves]
  • Ealhswith Fraser [PhD 2004: Agent-causation and event-causation in action]
  • Mauro Grün [PhD 2003: Gadamer and the otherness of nature: philosophical foundations for environmental education]
  • Ella Peek [PhD 2003: Morality and the literary arts]
  • Paul Kabay [MA 2003: Two theories of infinite sin: an analysis of the concept of infinite sin in the retributive-punishment theory of hell]
  • Nic Damnjanovic [MA 2002: McDowell and Heidegger: content and world]
  • Lo Yeuk-Sze (Norva) [PhD with distinction, 2001: Making and finding values in the environment: a critical study of environmental ethics]
  • Phillip Claringbold [MA 1999: Autonomy and human flourishing: guides to medical decision making] Rebecca Collins [PhD 2002: Shadows of language / diseases of discourse: a philosophical analysis of characterisations of myth in theoretical discourse]
  • Guy Douglas [PhD 1999: Consciousness and mental states]
  • Colin Hutchinson [PhD 1999: Thomas Hobbes on obligation]
  • Stewart Saunders [MA with distinction, 1999: An examination of three major objections to Fodor's language of thought hypothesis]

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