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Ann Minister

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Start date

Mar 2008

Submission date

Apr 2012

Ann Minister


Strategies and relationships: families of the labouring poor of Derby and south Derbyshire c.1750-1834


During the period selected for study, the lives of the labouring poor in England were affected by many factors. Increasing population, urbanisation, industrialisation and agrarian change all contributed to pressure on individual families. If periods of warfare, rising prices and pressure on poor rates are added to the equation the resulting situation ensured that the lives of the labouring poor, already difficult, became even more onerous. The aim of this study is, using the family as the point of reference, to show the strategies used by individual members of families in Derby and South Derbyshire to survive in the changing economic climate. It further aims to question the relationship between family members. It will not only focus on the 'economy of makeshifts' or 'informal economy' of the family, but also on the ways in which support was given and received within the family and assess what this says about the quality of the relationships.

Why my research is important

This thesis is important because it is focussed on an area of the country which is not commonly researched. It uses sources which are also under used. The aim is that, by carefully focussed reading of these sources it will be possible to explore relationships between families of the labouring poor.


  • Australian Postgraduate Award
  • UWA Safety Net Top-Up Scholarship