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Anne-Bénédicte André

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Jul 2007

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Oct 2013

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Updated 18 Oct 2012

Anne-Bénédicte André

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Liminalité insulaire, un pléonasme? Regard sur la négociation textuelle de l'entre-deux chez Gisèle Pineau, Axel Gauvin et Claudine Jacques.


My research analyses representations of islandness in contemporary literary productions of Guadeloupe, Reunion Island and New Caledonia. My work focuses particularly on textual negotiations of liminality and identity construction processes in a postcolonial context.

Why my research is important

Located at the intersection of two well-established critical frameworks - postcolonial theory and islands studies - my project examines the extent to which islandness exacerbates the feeling of postcolonial intranquility.


  • Australian Postgraduate Award