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Mar 2015

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Claire Greer

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A Landscape of Loss: Mapping the Impact of the Great War in Subiaco


The Landscape of Loss project concentrates on a single defined area - the Perth suburb of Subiaco - to investigate the First World War history of an entire local community.

By exploring patterns of enlistment behaviour, the distribution of injuries and deaths, statistical differences in the local war experience, and by researching a range of themes, the study will seek to answer the central question:

How does the Subiaco experience of the First World War extend and challenge existing narratives, and reveal the complete impact of the conflict on a local community?

Why my research is important

The Landscape of Loss project will provide a new perspective on the impact of First World War on the home front. By detailing the response to war in Subiaco, the study will show that a greater understanding of the variability in individual experience can be found at community level. The focus allowed by a local context provides a unique and unprecedentedly detailed view of the effects of war in one Australian suburb.

The study contrasts this against generic national statistics to suggest that there is still much to learn about the ways in which the conflict came home to different parts of Australia, and the reasons why this era of history continues to resonate today.


  • University Postgraduate Award scholarship
  • UWA Safety Net Top-Up scholarship

Subiaco Fallen Soldiers' Memorial