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Grant Lee


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Feb 2010

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Updated 09 May 2012

Grant Lee


Labour and capital in northern Western Australia, 1861-1869.


An account and analysis of the interactions between (and conflicting interests of) settler capitalists, local Aboriginal people, European/indigenous émigré labour and the state, in the settlement of northern Western Australia and the establishment of wool and pearling enterprises, during the 1860s.

Why my research is important

It addresses a dearth of scholarly historical literature that: (1) focuses specifically on the above region and time frame; (2) links all of the above issues within those parameters; (3) expounds on and engage with the questions of why indigenous labour (both local and émigré) was so crucial to this settlement project and; (3) addresses, in detail, the catastrophes faced by indigenous people, during the early stages of European settlement.


  • Australian Postgraduate Award, 2010–2013.