School of Humanities



Katharina Bense

Start date

Mar 2010

Submission date

Dec 2015

Katharina Bense


International teacher mobility and migration: The exploration of a global phenomenon based on the case study of German migrant teachers in Australia


My thesis investigates the global phenomenon of international mobility and migration of educational professionals based on a case study of German migrant teachers in Australia. My research utilises quantitative and qualitative data, such as narrative interviews, in order to gain insights into German migrant teachers experiences of professional transition into the Australian school environment.

Why my research is important

The research makes a contribution to the emerging field of teacher mobility and migration by providing qualitative and quantitative data on German migrant teachers in Australia. The timeliness and international perspective of the research, its use of methodology as well as its focus on current policies in Australia make it an important research project. The findings of this paper-based thesis, which have been published in international peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings, will stimulate and advance the conversation on the topic of international mobility and migration of teachers and the issue of professional support arising from this.


  • iPREP WA Scholarship
  • Overseas Travel Award
  • Local Travel Award
  • Australian Postgraduate Award
  • UWA Safety-Net Top-Up Scholarship