School of Humanities



Hilda Caunt

Start date

Jan 2008

Submission date

May 2012

Hilda Caunt


In Defence of Whingeing Poms: a comparison of a longitudinal study of British migration to Western Australia taken in 1959, 1961, and 1966 and a study of a similar sample of migrants taken 40 years later. Including a section on memory as it may affect th


Were British migrants ‘whingeing’ when they voiced their dissatisfaction with the conditions they found when the arrived in Western Australia in the 1960s or were their findings a genuine issue. This study analyses notes taken in a longitudinal study conducted in Britain in 1950 with follow-up interviews in Western Australia in 1961 and 1966 and compares them with results of a study conducted between 2005- and 2007 on British migrants arriving in WA in the 1960s. The study also looks at the possible variable affects that time and later experience can have in memory and how this may have impacted on the later study.

Why my research is important

This is the only research that compares 2 studies of British migrants coming to WA; coontemporary comments and memories some forty years after the event


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