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Rebekah Moore


Start date

Feb 2008

Submission date

Sep 2011

Rebekah Moore

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Towards an Ethical Historiography: Debating Morality in Histories of the Holocaust and Stalinism


Taking the current ‘ethical turn’ within a variety of disciplines as its point of departure, my dissertation analyses the moral undercurrents in a series of controversies and debates in the historiographies of the Holocaust and Stalinism, while considering broader questions about writing the history of atrocity.

Why my research is important

While historians have long shown a genuine concern for and awareness of moral issues, the discipline has lacked a systematic discourse concerning how historians confront past moral issues, and the nature of their own ethical relationship to this past. My project aims to develop such a discourse by reinterpreting a series of controversies in the historiographies of the Holocaust and Stalinism in light of their function as ethical commentary about historical practice, and in doing so, suggest what form an ‘ethical historiography of atrocity’ might assume. In calling for a more systematic approach to these issues within the practice of history, my project will advance a significant element of historiographical method.


  • Australian Postgraduate Award
  • UWA Top Up Scholarship