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Ruth Morgan

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Start date

Feb 2008

Submission date

Jun 2012


Ruth Morgan

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Drying out? An environmental history of the responses and understandings of a changing climate in southwest Western Australia, 1829 to 2007


The southwest region of Western Australia is undergoing a significant drying trend in its rainfall, which has implications for the ways in which land and water resources are managed in the region. This thesis explores how Western Australians have historically understood the climatic conditions of the southwest region, and how these understandings have shaped the region’s development. It also examines how change and variability in the climatic conditions have been interpreted, and the measures that have been employed to adapt to these conditions.

Why my research is important

In the present context of anthropogenic climate change, this research contributes to our understanding of how Australians have adapted to the challenges of climate variability in the past, and explores the political, cultural, environmental and economic factors that have shaped and influenced these adaptation measures.


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