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Sally Carlton

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Start date

Mar 2006

Submission date

Jan 2011

Sally Carlton

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Calling the fallen: The mobilisation of the war dead on Armistice Day through French veteran discourse and practice


Analysing articles published by French veteran associations since 1918, my doctorate focuses on the methods how and the reasons why ex-combatants incite the war dead on Armistice Day. Its most striking observation is the inflexibility of veteran discourse: despite the drastic changes which have occurred over these ninety years, the themes, terminology and style remain comparable.

Why my research is important

Familiar with both the military and civilian realms, ex-combatants occupy a unique position within society, so that their grievances, successes and stories can be used to illuminate the experiences of the world at large. However, despite its historical importance this group remains under-studied.


  • UWA Safety-Net Top-Up Scholarship
  • Overseas Travel Award
  • Australian Postgraduate Award