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The Translation of Metaphor in the Gospel of John in selected Modern Italian Bibles


The purpose of my thesis is to conduct a linguistic analysis on the translation of selected metaphors in the Fourth Gospel. My corpus consists of several Italian Bibles from the 20th and 21st centuries. An overview of translation theories reveals a clear swing from metaphor as a decorative, linguistic trope to metaphor as a fundamental cognitive phenomenon of which linguistic metaphorical expressions are only an outward manifestation. In my thesis, I draw upon the insights of Conceptual Metaphor Theory in order to better understand metaphor, and use this knowledge in my analysis of the translation of the Italian Bibles.

Why my research is important

I will conduct an analysis which has yet to be carried out on the selected Italian Bibles. This will not only be the first analysis of its kind, but will also provide fresh insight within the field of metaphor in translation.