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Before applying for the practicum you must research possible host organisations and complete an expression of interest.


Deadline for expression of interest for placements in Summer 2017: Friday 18 November 2016.

Explore your directions

Work through the information and questions provided on Exploring directions to determine the type of work that you are interested in pursuing.

Research possible host organisations

Research possible organisations and scan the list of previous host organisations before you meet with the Arts practicum coordinator.

Unfortunately no placements are guaranteed. Furthermore, students with consistently low marks and a poor university record may be declined by host organisations.

If you are keen on a placement that is not on the list of previous hosts, write it in your list of preferences for discussion with the coordinator.

Complete the online expression of interest form

Complete the online expression of interest form as thoroughly as possible. If there is a section about which you are not sure, or if you do not know what kind of placement you want, leave the section blank, and the Arts Practicum coordinator will discuss it with you at your meeting.

Assessing your expression of interest

Your expression of interest is sent electronically to the Arts Practicum coordinator who will attempt to match your preferences, experience and ideas with an organisation interested in hosting a practicum student.

Albany students

The procedure for enrolling is exactly the same. Be sure to indicate that you are an Albany student on your expression of interest form, and the Arts Practicum coordinator will forward a copy of your form to the Albany Centre.

Albany students are not required to attend the workshops but must, instead, meet with Albany Centre staff to track progress of their placements.

Meet with the Arts Practicum coordinator

The coordinator will contact you to arrange an appointment, usually in the semester prior to your requested placement period. Please bring an updated CV to this meeting.

Enrol in the Arts Practicum through studentConnect

Once a placement is negotiated, you will be contacted and given the details.

You will be able to enrol in the Arts Practicum through studentConnect.

Your enrolment will be listed as 'invalid', initially. This is an administrative procedure to ensure that all Arts Practicum students have discussed their placements with the coordinator. This does not mean that you are not allowed to enrol in the Arts Practicum. Your enrolment will be changed to 'enrolled' once a placement has been secured. Do not contact the Arts student office or the Arts Practicum coordinator about this matter.

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