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Associate Professor John Kinder
Discipline Group of European Languages and Studies

Faculty policy

Faculty policies on plagiarism

Important information for students of European Languages and Studies.

In the recent past there has been some confusion as to what constitutes cheating and/or "plagiarism". To clarify this and related issues please note the following:

Plagiarism is the unacknowledged copying out of the words of other writers, or the close paraphrasing of another writer without acknowledgment. It is intellectually dishonest and, more often than not, obvious to your markers. There is little point in plagiarising. It is expected that you will use secondary and critical sources in presenting your arguments, and that you will document your work appropriately.

In addition to the general remarks about academic conduct to be found on the Faculty web site, please note that with regard to plagiarism and cheating in language exercises: it is not permissible to seek help from a private tutor or more advanced students for proof-reading or correction of work done for assessment. Likewise the use of native- or near-native speakers or more advanced students to achieve better results in assessed work constitutes a form of cheating. In cases where students have sought outside help for assignments a zero grade will be given.

The University of WA Student Support Service provides excellent help and advice on learning problems as well as on personal and other matters.