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Theresa Symons Scholarship

Further information

Application deadline and conditions

All students applying for postgraduate places in Philosophy at UWA are eligible to apply for a Theresa Symons Postgraduate Scholarship.

These are supplementary scholarships to be held in conjunction with an Australian Postgraduate Award, a University Postgraduate Award or equivalent postgraduate research award or another full scholarship approved by the Faculty of Arts.

Theresa Symons Postgraduate Scholarships are available each year, supplying around $15,000 per year in addition to the amount provided by the Australian or UWA postgraduate awards.

Selection criteria

(1) The scholarship is awarded by the selection committee to the applicant who, in its opinion, best demonstrates through their letter of application and supporting documentation:

  • (a) how they will benefit from the proposed scholarship funds
  • (b) a significant research project
  • (c) academic achievement as evidenced by their academic record.

(2) Preference may be given to applicants from outside UWA.

Duration of award

The scholarship can apply for up to three years full time or equivalent part time.

Application procedure

You should apply for an Australian / University Postgraduate Award at UWA as normal.

By the same closing date you must apply for the Theresa Symons Postgraduate Scholarship via the UWA Scholarships Office.


Click here to view the Theresa Symons Postgraduate Scholarship poster.

About the Trust

Theresa SymonsThe Theresa Symons Philosophy Trust (the Trust) was established by the estate of the late Paul Symons to honour the memory of his mother, Theresa Symons (pictured). The Trust funds up to three postgraduate scholarships annually, known as the Theresa Symons Postgraduate Scholarships in Philosophy, for qualified students wishing to pursue a higher degree by research in philosophy at The University of Western Australia.

Christopher Paul Castairs Symons, who preferred to be called "Paul," was a philosophy student from the mid 1950s through to the early 1960s. He matriculated from St Charles Seminary. His Master’s thesis title is "The Composite Nature of Man according to Aquinas and Descartes,"  supervised by S A Grave. Paul requested to graduate from the School of Philosophy rather than the School of Psychology in 1957 and was granted his request. He achieved his MA in Philosophy in 1961. He continued to show a keen interest in the Department of Philosophy by maintaining contact with the staff up until 2001.

It is as a direct result of Paul Symons’ high regard for his teachers and for the subject of philosophy that he made this bequest in memory of his mother.