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UWA enrolled students have the opportunity to spend time studying overseas as part of your degree, which is invaluable especially if you are studying a language.

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Student exchange

The student exchange program involves universities all over the world, and is a group of arrangements (Exchange Agreements) between universities of comparable quality, with the aim of 'exchanging' one student for another.

In other words, if one UWA student goes to Universita di Bologna, one of theirs comes here. As a result of this direct exchange, you pay only your UWA fees while you're in Italy, and the Italian student pays his/her Bologna fees while in Australia.

You will be able to transfer credit from your overseas studies to your UWA course under exchange programs.

Our exchange partners include:





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Study abroad

If you prefer to study at a University with which we do not have a partnership, this is possible under study abroad - but you will need to take a leave of absence from your UWA course.

Study abroad may include specialised programs arranged by Faculties or a study program arranged independently by students according to their choice.  As no Exchange Agreement is in place, tuition and other fees may apply.

Specialised programs arranged by the Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts offers field trips or short courses in the following countries for study abroad:

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How to apply

The International Centre at UWA provides detailed information on exchange programs, and will be able to answer all your questions about how to apply and application deadlines (in June and December of each year).

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